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“We are one, just different function in the same industry

“ Respect given in

form of direct communication.

your time is

important to us.”

Minimum purchase

Your order must be able meet the minimum amount required per transaction. It could run from 20k-100k, all depending on each brand’s requirement and combining order agreement. ( Combining order can be less than 40k)


The average MOQ is 40-50k. Discount rate based on the tier you qualify.

Get Quote to find out!

Payment term

​20% deposit is required to place the order, and we will collect the remaining balance paid before your order is delivered (Warehouse can provide pictures before the second payment. Extra cost may be applied)

Payment method

We only accept Wire transfers and ACH Transfers.

Processing time and lead time

There are 3 business days processing time starts counting from the date We received your payment; after that, there will be a wait time (Lead time) that the brand needs before the cargo is ready. Lead time depends on the brand‘s policy. However, delays are natural in this business.

​Shipping term

Depending on the location of the brand company, It shall be  Inco-term Ex Work, You can either pick up from the warehouse or we can do drop off service under your cost.

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